3 easy steps to more privacy & uncensored DNS access!

Step 1 - Find your LuCI/OpenWRT Router

Your OpenWRT Routers web management intrface is usually accessible on the routers main IP address. Open a new tab and try: or - one of those addresses should work. In case they don't, please ask your provider or someone who is fimilar with your network. Now log in to the web interface.

Step 2 - Navigate to the DNS server settings

Now you should be logged in. The following steps might not be exactly the same, but you should be able to reproduce it with the information we provide. In the menu click on 'Network' and then 'DHCP and DNS'.

luci/openwrt dns menu
Step 3 - Enter the DNS.WATCH DNS-Servers

Under 'DNS Forwarders' in the General Settings tab, enter the IPs as shown in the image below. After you're done, don't forget to click apply.

  • First textbox:
  • Second textbox:
luci/openwrt set dns forwarder