3 easy steps to more privacy & uncensored DNS access!

Step 1 - Open network settings

On OS X dns resolvers have to be set per network port/card. This means that if you are using both ethernet and wireless-lan, you will need to follow this tutorial two times for both interfaces. Start by going to the network settings (search 'Network' in the system settings).

mac os x yosemite dns entry
Step 2 - Navigate to the DNS server settings

Next click on the interface card and then on 'more options'. Now you start off in the WLAN/Ethernet tab. With a click on 'DNS', you can find your current DNS settings. Please remove all the IPs which are currently in the 'DNS-Server' section.

mac os x yosemite dns entry
Step 3 - Enter the DNS.WATCH DNS-Servers

Now the white box stating the DNS-Servers should be empty. Next, click on the '+' under the box to add the new DNS server IPs. Please enter all of them in the correct order to ensure stable operation.

  • First entry:
  • Second entry:
  • Third entry: 2001:1608:10:25::1c04:b12f
  • Fourth entry: 2001:1608:10:25::9249:d69b
mac os x yosemite dns entry
Thanks to apfelpage.de for providing us the pictures.