We love what we do.

We believe in freedom of information. No censorship. No Bullshit. Just DNS.

DNS Neutrality

No organization should say what websites should or shouldn't be available to us, or the speed in which they load. By using our services you no longer have to trust your ISP and question their motives. You can rest assured that no dns queries are being censored by your resolver.

Fast & Reliable

It's important to us, that using our DNS resolver does not slow down using the internet. You don't have to trade in better privacy protection for speed. We will deliver both. To keep up service quality, all our resolvers are monitored 24/7 and our NOC is notified in case of problems.

No ISP DNS Hijacking

Seeing a "Search Page" every time you try to visit a site which doesn't respond or exist? That page is owned by your ISP. The domain you tried to visit, the ads and search input can be collected by your ISP. With us, we let your browser (which you are in control of) use it's default response to the error.

Privacy Protection

We have no interest in logging DNS queries. That's why all our resolvers are setup to not log any queries. Many DNS providers will log requests. Some anonymize that logs after a while, some don't. And many don't even let you know if they're logging or not.*

Your data is yours

We're not interested in shady deals with your data. You own it. We're not a big corporation and don't have to participate in shady deals. We're not running any ad network or anything else where your DNS queries could be of interest for us. Other providers do.

Small is better

Our resolvers don't have super fancy IPs. And they're not that known as the one we were just refering to. If you think about it: It's a good thing. In the past goverments blocked big alternative DNS resolvers. Because we're small, this most likely won't happen.

* anonymized data which is not associated with users is used for statistics and security research

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